Monday, July 01, 2019

A blogpost a day - a month long experiment

I’m going to try an experiment with this blog. Before the days of Twitter I used to blog a lot more than I do now. It’s not that I’m less busy, far from it, but through July I’m going to blog every day. No matter how I’m feeling, whatever I've done, and possibly the window to do it will be on the commuter train on the way home. I’ve had a list of unfinished topics I want to expand upon for a while: the dominance of London, governance, Marple’s burgeoning restaurant scene, Stockport’s Underbank, being a Governor of a Sixth Form College, mental health issues, parenting, love, city branding, charity fraud, and possibly to get my writing mojo firing properly, there’s the small matter of my Masters thesis.

That’s in addition to the perennial subjects: commuting calamities, a few more in the 'my mate' series, book reviews, telly, films and my continued angst over which direction our progressive politics should take (and this month is significant). We've also got a couple of university open days to go to and not to forget Blackburn Rovers (we’re going to two pre-season friendlies in July). It might even lead me to better understand the purpose of why I do this, what I look to get out of it, and how and where it gets me into bother.

I'm doing this first one on the train back from a day out in London seeing friends. As usual the wifi doesn't work, that could be a subject for a blog, but I think I'm aiming higher than that.

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