Friday, May 22, 2009

What's wrong with politics

Last night's Question Time, had four politicians I'd have in a government of national unity. Vince Cable, Will Hague, Ben Bradshaw and Martin Bell. All are straight (well, you know what I mean) and they still got a rough ride off the audience.

The Labour Party broadcast afterwards almost inspired me to rejoin the party, just so I could then resign in disgust again (Jo Moore's "bury bad news" email was the final straw). They are absolutely rudderless, clueless and desperate.

I don't know where this is all going, but the demands for a General Election will grow after Labour are routed at the local and European elections. They have to seek a new mandate or democracy itself is in dire peril. It's that serious.

Gordon Brown should do the one decent thing he has in his power to do. Dissolve parliament, call an election and ban from standing any MP who has breached rules on expenses. Cameron should do likewise. They should stand aside and allow strong local independents (like Martin Bell did in Tatton) to represent a belt of seats across the country.

Some other thoughts:

Create a regional represenative senate in place of the House of Lords.

Reduce the number of parliamentary constituencies to 200.

Give the Scots independence if they want it. Off you go, and take your bust banks with you. Maybe you could merge with Iceland and form a new country - Scotice.

Build a proper government of all the talents. The four I mentioned above for a start. Bring back Digby. Get Greg Dyke in. And Heather Rabbatts, Seb Coe, Jonathan Ive, Sir Howard Bernstein and Theo Paphitis.

Take an axe to local government. Start all over again. Have a mayor and a small team for identifiable communities - I'm up for being Mayor of Marple.

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