Friday, May 22, 2009

Our own Awaydays crew

While we're in the thick of nostalgia to mark the premier of the new Awaydays film, here's our own proper "naughty little firm" from the summer of 1984, on the village green at Wray following a cricket match.
L-R, top, Carps, Kev, Cotty, Shelly, Monty, Me, Swinny, some girl.
L-R, bottom, Jim's GF, Jim, Tinks, Tosh, Holmesy, Tigger, Tigger's bored GF.

I am happy to report that all the young men in the picture have gone on to lead prosperous and fulfilling lives and many are in senior positions of commerce and public service. Just because they wore the gear didn't make them hooligans.

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Anonymous said...

Great piccy Michael. My oldest lad, Ben, plays football with Cotty's lad Luke.

Really appreciate the invite to go and watch the film. Unfortunately I'm busy doing other things that night, but thanks again.