Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hope not hate

Radio 2 today had Cristina Odone and Jonathan Freedland railing at the political class. It was stirring powerful stuff and seemed to capture the mood of absolutely everyone I have spoken to about the moats, the second homes, the tax dodges, Alan Duncan's lawnmower, that prat of a speaker (berating Kate Hoey and Norman Baker and the media), Hazel Blears and the whole shower.

As I was listening to this and Odone was using words like "to the barricades" and "new political party" to sweep them away I was driving along Oldham Road towards Manchester. In broad daylight a campaigning truck decked out in BNP stuff was parked up and getting ready for a day at the barricades. Depressing isn't it?

Time was they wouldn't dare. And a sleazier nastier more corrupt group you could not find. If there is one cause worth voting for, it has to be to stop that lot.

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