Friday, May 22, 2009

Links for late May

A rather overstated obituary for Channel M Music in the NME. Rather proves an old adage: music journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't speak, for the beneft of people who can't read.

Daily Mash on the furore at the Palace over BNP invite.

A recently rediscovered classic - Preposterous Tales by I, Ludicrous. We all know a Ken McKenzie, don't we?

Hazel Blears gets a good kicking by the Salford Star.

Blackburn Rovers cheap season ticket offer, astonishing piece of forward planning and pricing. And good press for Rovers for once. Here and here. Cheaper than Barrow.

Kevin Roberts on the natural football museum in Ambleside. Homes of Football.

The sort of thing I used to do when I was a student. Very funny; well I think so.

Roger Cashman is going to be on Secret Millionaire in Burnley. And is organising a drink off between Ricky Hatton and Andrew Flintoff.

Old hat, I know, but thanks to Words Dept and Ear I Am for extraordinary story about BBC news woman bleating out that she earns £92K

Vincent Nichols has made a good start as leader of Britain's Catholics. But he's been turned over by the Times in a shameful way. Child abuse is horrific and he's condemned it.

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