Monday, May 18, 2009

Make your vote count

There's a good piece in the paper today by Charlie Brooker about the BNP. It's a very good reminder of the stupidity of racism and the politics of fear.

Their presence on the ballot paper and the threat that a racist holocaust denier could be elected to represent the North West in the European parliament should motivate everyone to vote to prevent this. This here explains how a mere 8.5% vote could lead to "old one eye" getting elected.

This is a very good video and website, there's nothing British about the BNP.

Only two parties have mailed us so far, the fascists and the Greens. The latter are making a strong play of the fact that they are a good way of stopping the BNP. It's a thought. I can see the Labour vote collapsing altogether. Discontent at the mainstream parties could lead to a low turnout. UKIP are being given a soft ride by the media to draw the disaffected vote. The only posters I've seen around our way are for UKIP (close to a BNP members house on Glossop Road) and one Lib Dem poster in Marple.

As it is a Green vote starts to make an awful lot of sense, and should push the racist rabble down the list. Unite against Fascism were leafleting Piccadilly this morning and making the same point. There is something worth voting for in June. Hope not hate.

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