Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bookmarks for mid May

Ten top tips on business blogging - especially like the point about keeping at it (eh, Chris?).

And another one here from Adam Singer - 19 reasons why you should blog as well as tweet. "I know it’s not as “sexy” anymore but it [blogging] is still far more valuable and should not be discounted merely because the early adopters have shiny new object syndrome."

Words Dept is spot on in flaming Stephen Fry's nonsense about MPs expenses.

Lancashire Evening Telegraph message board
- are the supporters of my team especially moronic, or just the ones who post under here?

The best cliches of the 2008/2009 football season. ie "It may not be pretty, but Big Sam's direct football has saved Blackburn" and "Hull City's demise started in the centre circle at half time on boxing day at Man City, when perma tanned manager...."

Our business finance conference is going to be brilliant. Register your interest here.

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