Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy memories

Last week I got lost on my way to Sheffield. I went over Woodhead, and went wrong somewhere near the M1. I ended up in Chapeltown and saw signs for Hesley Wood Scout Camp, where I went in about 1978, aged 12, with the 16th Lancaster Scouts. It brought back loads of really fond memories. I do remember feeling achingly homesick as well, but we did canoeing, campfires, piss taking and went to watch Speedway.

Such steps one takes on the walk of life. Tomorrow, my eldest son Joe, who will be 10 next week, goes to an activity centre with school. I'm really excited for him, but will really miss him. I made him a promise a few years ago that wherever I am, and wherever he is, I will speak to him every single day for as long as he wants to. Maybe we won't manage it this week. They're going to be doing canoeing, campfires and piss taking, but no Speedway.

As if it wasn't possible to have too much fun, we all had a great weekend at the Cala Gran caravan park in Fleetwood. The child friendly review of the football tournament is here. As is a picture of two of our brood with some guys from Burnley.

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