Saturday, May 23, 2009

Support the Regent Cinema in Marple

I've been living back round here now for 3 years. In all that time I have failed to support the Regent Cinema. The last time I went was probably about 2004. It is a marvellous civic asset and I am ashamed I haven't been in so long. I am now mildly giddy at the prospect of going on Monday night. That the film is Angels and Demons almost doesn't matter. Da Vinci Code was nonsense, but fun, when I caught it on Channel 5 the other day. You can't beat a bit of Hollywood mush to break up the decorating fun, eh? I may also try and see State of Play this week if it's still on. And it's Awaydays next Friday, both at Multiplexes. And good as they are the experience won't have half the charm of going local.

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