Sunday, March 28, 2010

"We're having a party...

...when Burnley go down." I have a lot of respect for Alistair Campbell, especially after reading his report of the Burnley v Rovers match today, here. It has all the pain of the real fan. The torture of the away fans song ringing in your ears long after the final whistle. The injustice at cheating and bad decisions going against you. Seeing a better organised, more talented, more ambitious team beat yours. Knowing too that your closest rivals have not only beaten you, but have slammed a nail in your coffin and you are going down. I know it because that's what happened to us at Easter 1979 at Ewood Park.

In fact, that was one of the other songs that will have hurt today - 31 years, my Lord, 31 years.

It's all there, read it, I'm too exhausted from all that singing and jumping up and down to add anything to the permanent record of the day.


Vinjay said...

Only experienced one relegation and it was painful for many that Man United inflicted the final blow.

Still they were hardly celebrating the 0-0 that night either it may well have cost them the title. Losing to them on the same night as relegation would have been untolerable but the 0-0 at least salvaged some pride.

I hear a new group was at Ewood this week interested in a takeover. Only a small development in Nixon's words and not big enough for a story in the People. Any idea whether that was the Abu Dhabi based group you mentioned? The Dubai people interested according to Nixon seem to have pulled out.

April could be a great month. Positive takeover talks and delivering a massive blow to Man United's title hopes would be excellent. Takeover is always number 1 priority though. Beating Man United is a close second followed by a top half finish as my third wish.

Michael Taylor said...

No mate not heard anything.

I am very confident about the Abu Dhabi connection being the only game in town.

Beating Burnley today meant a great deal to everyone there. Awesome.

Michael Taylor said...

Dan Clough as done a great blog on Rovers Return.

Here it is: