Sunday, March 21, 2010

Football lasts 90 minutes

I have never been able to understand football fans who leave games early. I mean, what's the point? I have left games at 3-0 down when I've had children with me, but think it's important to stay until the end.

Dan Clough draws attention to this on his excellent Rovers Return blog, here. We obviously sit just above him in the Blackburn End and see the numpties leaving early in the Riverside, but not near him. When we had seats on the front row of the Riverside it used to drive us mad that the early leavers would stop and block our view.

The TV cameras show the Riverside with its walkway at the front, with fans leaving early. I explain to those who ask that it's actually a cut through between Aldi and Lidl and they aren't actually football fans at all.

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Dan Clough said...

Haha. Cheers for the mention. Like the Aldi to Lidl cut through. I'll remember that one.