Saturday, March 13, 2010


Latitude looks like it would be a wonderful festival to take the kids too, but it's an awful long way away. Some of the kids (especially this one) would have loved to have seen Half Man Half Biscuit at Cornbury two years ago, but they don't discount, so we didn't go. But it's free for under 12s now. Green Man in Wales features the magnificent Flaming Lips and also seems child friendly. There's also one in Cornwall called Creationfest which we actually drove past last year, but didn't go. Even though we're all Catholics in this house, it doesn't feel right.


Michael Walters said...

Been following your blog for a little while, Michael (and realised from your recent post about PGL that we must have children in the same class).

I went to Cornbury two years ago largely to see HMHB. They were typically wonderful ('Hello, Poundbury!' was Mr Blackwell's opening remark), as were Nick Lowe, Carbon/Silicon and (in a different way) The Beat. In short, the Word stage was excellent but the main stage was deeply dull up to and including Paul Simon. The festival itself was very 'civilised', if that's the right word for an event apparently attended also by David Cameron and Jeremy Clarkson.

Michael Taylor said...

Cheers for that Michael - we did indeed endure the same anxious week as our lads enjoyed a brilliant time at PGL (Parents Get Lost, I'm informed).

I'd love to see HMHB.