Sunday, March 14, 2010

People's food

As a place to spend a weekend Manchester gets a bad press nationally, but they mostly miss the point.

The restaurants get royally slagged off on a pretty regular basis and that's without even mentioning Michael Winner. Matthew Norman in the Guardian stuck it to Modern, here and I thought he was unfair. My second favourite food writer, Jay Rayner, always seems disappointed; though he at least deserves credit for consistently making the effort without making it seem like a chore. His latest trip was to Glamorous in Ancoats and the review here concurred with ours on ManCon, here.

Max Davidson in the Daily Telegraph gives Manchester a good write up here. It's noticable for not lapsing into that Factory Records nostalgia. But his choice of restaurants was interesting. One was too obvious, the other a hidden gem. I've never liked Room, but Ning is terrific and deserves every accolade going.

OK, there are no Michelin stars and fine dining in Manchester is an oxymoron. But as Manchizzle makes the point here, street food and cafe food is absolutely thriving at the moment. I know it sounds like a cliche but Manchester is always best when it is original, and modern. Not derivative and nostalgic.

And my favourite food writer? Seriously. He's here.

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