Saturday, March 27, 2010

My mate.... Walter Menzies #5 in a series

In this random shuffle of my address book I've popped up my mate Walter Menzies, who this week ended his tenure as the chief executive of the Mersey Basin Campaign. I'm ever so slightly gutted I didn't make the wake last night to mark the end of the campaign which has worked ever so hard to clean up the waterways of the North West. I say ever so slightly as I hear (through the medium of Twitter) that there are sore heads today.

We first met in about 2002 when he asked a few people to take part in some discussions about the work of the campaign. He's a great supporter of regionalism and the environment and I've enjoyed working with him on the North West Business Environment Awards and on the book, The Mersey, The River That Changed The World. He was also chairing one of the most memorable planning meetings I have attended, enlivened by the late, great, Anthony Wilson, and which I mention here.

His LinkedIn profile tells us he is now actively developing a "diverse portfolio" of work to follow up what he did at the campaign... and he's looking for new assignments that make use of his experience and contribute to the sustainable development of Northwest England...and beyond.

Walter is a warm, witty and very generous chap. Any day is brightened by a call from Walter demanding in his Caledonian drawl to speak to "Lord Gnome from that scurrilous comic" and to enjoy the sharing of gossip. Very proud to know him.

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Dougiefaebuckie said...

As a fellow student of Walter, I was saddened but privileged to attend his funeral last Friday (4th January) in Aberfeldy.

Knowing Walter so well, how appropriate that the humanist celebrant spoke these immortal words by the side of his grave - "Walter would not approve of this sentimental shite!"

The end of an era.