Friday, November 27, 2009

Wasps or wimps?

In football it is the referee who deems whether a pitch is fit to play on. In rugby, it appears that if one team doesn't fancy it then they can unilaterally refuse to play. That's what seems to have happened at Edgeley Park tonight, the home of Sale Sharks. After wolfing down our meal in the Insider Suite we trooped out with our guests to be told over the tannoy that Wasps didn't want to play. Unbelievable. James Jennings, the Sale Sharks chief executive was very annoyed and announced that the ref had deemed the pitch was playable. But Wasps had flown off.

In the lounge later vice captain Mark Cueto was visibly annoyed and said: "It's typical of Wasps, they didn't fancy it at Edgeley tonight."

They should have points deducted for this fiasco.


Simon Sinclair said...

Apparently a rugby referee doesn't have the power to adjudicate until the match has started. He can abandon the match after a kick off if he wishes, but the visiting team has a right to refuse until the starting whistle. A right Wasps have exercised three times already this season, twice against Sale.

Michael Taylor said...

Thanks Simon. Stockport County's game aganist Torquay today was also called off. What a bloody shame.