Monday, November 23, 2009

Five go mad in restaurants

I would say it's been a regular if inconsistent theme of this blog to talk about kids and food. I try hard to make them nourishing and challenging meals at the weekend. I also like eating out, but wonder if kids appreciate it enough for it to be worth it.

I've been given the nod to do restaurant reviews for the excellent website Manchester Confidential. Compared to Gordo, the publisher, and Jonathan Schofield, editor, I am a minnow amongst critics. However, they don't have five kids under 10 and I do, so that is my angle. I'll be contributing one every three weeks or so, with the accent very much on how the restaurant caters for a family like ours. We did Giraffe a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday we filed our report from Murillos in Marple.

Here's a link to the review.

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