Saturday, November 21, 2009

Comic in need

Peter Kay makes me laugh. I love Phoenix Nights. But he made me laugh in a different way last night. He announced on BBC Children in Need that he is returning to stand up and that his new tour (to Manchester's MEN Arena), would donate (wait for it), from all the merchandising (oh, OK, just the Garlic bread t-shirts then). That he would be donating the money to Children in Need. Well, £1. From the proceeds of everything sold.

The four dates have already sold out and no doubt he will stretch to a couple of weeks. The amount the charity will get will be enormous, but it's still just £1 from each piece.

Coincidentally, the tickets went on sale yesterday. The very same day of the biggest charity appeal of the year. For the avoidance of doubt he has worked very hard for this appeal, with this lovely new video with all the cartoon characters. He has done an incredible amount for this project over the years and for Comic Relief. But am I being cynical when I say that I feel this feels all a bit contrived?

Maybe it's because this comes on the back of a story I heard involving a dapper snapper from Liverpool, who recently took a picture of Peter Kay at Liverpool Airport. Granted, he wasn't on show, he was just going on holiday and went mad and refused to play ball. My pal, who is not a paparazzi, but does a load of charity work, politely saw his point and deleted the picture, respecting his privacy, but not before telling him: "As long as you've got a hole in your arse, you'll never be as funny as Ken Dodd."

He needs to be careful that boy.

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