Saturday, November 07, 2009


This weekend we will mostly be remembering. We will be remembering my Mum's father Francis Edward O'Hare who died in a field in Germany in 1943 just a month after his daughter was born, shot down in the Royal Canadian Air Force Lancaster Bomber he was navigating. We will remember the sacrifice and the contribution made by Stanley John Taylor of the Royal Commando Regiment in special operations in Burma, North Africa and Norway. He returned home to his family in North Wales, and led a successful life as a manager at Woolworths stores around the North West. But until he died in 1982 he always lived with the memories of horrors we will never even be able to contemplate. And we will remember the young men and women who have died recently in Afghanistan, serving their country in a war of poor leadership, uncertain outcome and wavering public support.

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Anonymous said...

Me too, Michael. As I lay a wreath on behalf of HMP Lancaster Castle at the Garden of Remembrence, behind Lancaster Town Hall tomorrow morning.