Sunday, November 15, 2009

Links and bits of things in mid November

From which train trip in Britain can you see the most league football grounds? From The Knowledge on

I got my brother-in-law a Mickey Walsh t-shirt for his birthday from here with the legend: Goal of the Season 1973. Turned heads at Center Parcs this weekend, so he tells me.

The challenge of the Irish volunteers of World War 2 - rather shames the antics of this lot, warning, may induce vomiting.

I know this blog isn't about work, but it was my biggest night of the year on Thursday, here are my thoughts on the matter in hand.

Fantastic montage of pictures of the Berlin Wall - from the Boston Globe.

Mildly gutted that the Observer is scaling back - came to quite like the Sport and Music magazines.

Review of Morrissey concert where some div threw a drink at him. From a friend of a friend in Everton fanzine When Skies Are Grey.

Match reports are on here and here from another weekend of junior footballing fun. Marple Ath, having a laugh.

The legendary Phil Griffin's idea for an exhibition on Manchester's contribution to television history has come to fruition. It's on at Urbis until the end of April.

The bloke that upset Stephen Fry on Twitter does quite a good blog - Plum's Plums.

Very excited about a planned Christmas Eve lunch at the Highwayman - but what to have?

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Anonymous said...

The Moz review is spot on Michael. Why would anybody go to work, get hit with a bottle of lager and be expected to carry on working? The missus and I were there last Saturday and were devastated the way the night ended, but couldn't blame the maestro for finishing when he did. The support band, Doll and the Kicks, were superb by the way, well worth a look. See you in Booths again soon!