Friday, November 06, 2009

Course you can at UCLAN

I went to speak to the journalism undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of Central Lancashire this week. They were a very bright crop this year. Very attentive and asked some smart questions. There are fewer opportunities in magazines now, but at it's heart it is a young person's industry. Some of their course projects have a well thought through digital element too. But as you absorb this constant barrage of internet evangelism it's worth taking stock and seeing that magazines are still gorgeous, tactile and emotional products that can forge a relationship with a reader in a way a site can't. Excuse me while I close my laptop on this sticky train journey and curl up to read the latest Monocle and this week's Spectator.

Codeword - I showed all the students this blog and urged them all to blog. If any of them reading this can tell me the name of the speaker I heard on Tuesday night then they can come to my work on a placement.

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Vince Cable