Sunday, November 01, 2009

Radio radio, live transmission

I never turn down a chance to appear on the BBC. I think the publicity and profile it gives my business is just great. I also like broadcasting and try and learn something new and different every time.

Yesterday, as luck would have it, there was no kids football to chase around after and I was invited to go on BBC Radio Manchester's Retail Therapy as a business expert (I know, I know). The programme was recorded at the Trafford Centre and presented by Marple-born Becky Want, who I owed a favour to, as she presented the trophies at the Marple Athletic junior football tournament last year.

As I was on with these lively older ladies who were testing lip gloss and choosing dresses, it's clearly a very different proposition to talking about business on the drivetime Manchester business programme on Monday. So, after mentioning that 10 per cent of shops are empty, that this has been a rotten year for retailers, but that the best retailers are adapting to survive - John Lewis and M&S being good examples - I built up to my single point. Confidence is everything. Confidence of developers to build shopping centres, retailers to invest in stores and confidence of consumers to believe their house is going to be worth so much more that they can splurge and remortgage. That can't happen now. A recovery will therefore be slower, but more sustainable.

Getting that across is harder than you'd think. But I always try and make one point, but layering it as I make these succession of 15 second soundbites, answering the questions directly and avoiding economic jargon. You can listen again to hear for yourself if this was any good. Anyway, they've asked me back, which is nice.


George Dearsley said...

Why were you just introduced as "Michael"? Michael who? X, Owen, Portillo? Becy is lovely but what was more painful, this or your 90 minutes at Old Trafford?

Michael Taylor said...

Cheers George. Must have missed that. Definitely did at the top of the show. We went through the whole full name, title. Magazine, etc. I hang back from direct plugs - "in my magazine, Insider, we have reported that..."

No, OT was much more painful, but I had a very good day with Dan Clarke, played for Marple Ath as a kid. Southend fan, lives in Newton (Hyde), raised in Marple - great lad. It's about the company isn't it?