Saturday, November 28, 2009

A close shave

I give virtually no thought whatsoever to the importance of the brand of shaving gel I use. Out of habit I use King of Shaves gel. I don't feel strong brand loyalty but it doesn't give me a rash, so I buy it from Boots where I collect points. Now they also do cheap razors, which I like because Gillette and Wilkinson are rip offs. The founder of King of Shaves, Will King, positions himself as a champion of the underdogs, much as Richard Branson has always tried to do. I barely even noticed that they sponsored John Terry, who is on the scrounge for more endorsements. Had I done so, I may well have sought out a new product on a point of principle.

I am sorry that this is a blog post about absolutely nothing at all.



Don't worry about it. Ear I Am is full of those sorts of posts.

Michael Taylor said...

And now I realise, after thinking about it a little bit more, that Gillette has a curse on its endorsers.

Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods.