Sunday, November 29, 2020

What's this? Luke's off Insta

Glenn Kitson made this 

I'm fairly new to Instagram, and as I've said before it's been a comfortable balm during this lockdown year. It's not the place for self-defeating arguments, or pointless sharing of angry memes, but generally it's for nice things and cultural gems. One of the most prolific punters-out of all those nuggets of goodness has been Luke Unabomber, one of the heroes of Manchester's music scene and a proper food innovator as well. What he has done with Volta, Refuge, Freight Island and Hatch has been game changing for the city. His musical passion is unquestionable. But it's his homespun advice and his personal wellbeing journey that has made him the first person to go to on his Instragram lately. My youngest son Elliot is inspired by all of the above. Possibly his last post was a call to arms on self-preservation - just turn up, he said, amongst many other things, fight the demons.

I don't know him personally. I obviously know who he is, and he was around and about in the 80s with some kids I knew from Sheffield who'd moved to Manchester. And obviously what he's done makes him a public figure of sorts. 

But last week I noticed that he'd disappeared off Insta. I checked in with a mate of his that all was well, only to learn his account has been suspended. I'm assuming for the language. I hope this isn't permanent. I've written to Instagram expressing my displeasure. When I see the absolute dingbats and actual nazis who are still on Facebook and Instagram, and yet they go after someone who only brings happiness and wisdom, I despair.

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