Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring clean - new blogs and links added

I've added a couple of new links on the panel and taken off a few defunct ones. If anyone wants me to add a link that they think people who come here will like, please let me know.

Outside In is an excellent and well maintained blog by a teacher called Michael Merrick. He has written widely on politics and Catholicism and does so with a compelling urgency.

Catholic Left does exactly what you'd expect, but also has an incredibly good grasp of local politics round my way.

John Leach does a brilliant blog about entrepreneurship - it's his passion and I love spending time with John and working on our goal of bringing together people with great ideas.

Thought Economics from Manchester-based entrepreneur Vikas Shah has been nominated for a webby award. He is terrific. Some of his interviews are quite mesmerising. "Between them, they have achieved accolades ranging from being one of the first from our civilisation to step foot on the moon, to bringing the telephone to India, inventing the internet, developing countries, changing our understanding of life and the universe, running the biggest sports and film events in the world, ending wars, and more. All interviews are conducted and written by Vikas Shah."

I've also included a link to Respublica, the think tank founded by public intellectual Phillip Blond. I reviewed his thoughtful and challenging book Red Tory here and remain interested in the work of this very intriguing project that addresses varied issues of civic life.

I've also taken off my Facebook profile, which is nobody's business but members of my family and the real friends I have on that social network - instead I've added a link to my LinkedIn profile

Finally, there's also Michael Taylor Events - an online journal of events I've been working on. It's going to get busier.

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