Monday, April 30, 2012

My mates #17 - Laura Wolfe and Anthony Turner

It's been a while since I've randomly shuffled my address book and found a friend to profile on this feature on this blog. Who better today than these two - Laura Wolfe and Anthony Turner, married by love, divided by football. Laura is a raving Manchester City fan and Anthony a slightly jaded United fan. Both great parents and wonderful friends.

I first met Laura through work, she was the director of the Institute of Directors for the North West and I was the editor of Insider. And do you know what - we really didn't get on at all. She was reaching out to all media and I was mildly offended at the status equivalence. Do you know what? She was right. The world does turn smoother if we all work together.

In my defence I was longer in the game than Laura and had seen a few muppets come and go. In time, she skilfully proved a number of things - mainly that she's good at what she does - building networks and creating great events, but also that she values investment in people. Every time I've worked with her I've enjoyed it, and every time I've learned something new. I also hope I've brought something too.

As we've become friends - she memorably came to a dinner at my old school with Kevin Roberts  - I've also got to know Anthony too, which has been brilliant. We've also seen our kids get to hang out together too as we sit in the conservatory and talk for England.

The thing I like about the two of them is just how honest and straight they both are. But also they have a wicked and mischievous sense of humour. How can I not love the creator of an alter ego that is the wife of my alter ego. Confused? All will be revealed eventually.

Tonight it is Manchester City v Manchester United at Eastlands. THE MOST IMPORTANT AND TENSE AND BIGGEST MOST MASSIVE GAME, LIKE, EVER!! Well, not here it isn't, but while me and Rachel keep our allegiances low key, the footballing divide in their house has been the subject of TV documentaries (see above), radio programmes and occasional Twitter rows. Tonight will be a tense one in their household. But love conquers all.

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