Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Question Time is back this week

My feelings towards BBC Question Time are complex. Some weeks I just can't bare to watch. Others I find myself cheering at people I don't really agree with, while curling at horror on listening to people I should quite like. Julie Meyer and Owen Jones spring to mind. It's a piece of theatre and sometimes it's a farce.

It's back this week and you couldn't have picked a better line-up to push all of my emotional and political buttons. I genuinely quite like Sayeeda Warsi and David Aaranovitch, most of the time. I think Tim Farron and Yvette Cooper are OK but prone to weasly cynicism. And then there's the arch pantomime villain himself, George Galloway, who's indefatigability I acknowledge, but will never salute.

Should be a good one.     

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