Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aaronovitch v Galloway, Question Time

Question Time last week didn't disappoint. It was a great start to the new series. The order in which I like the panel before they appear is worth listing, because so often it colours how we judge those who are on the programme.

1. David Aaronovitch
2. Sayeeda Warsi
3. Yvette Cooper
4. Tim Farron
5. George Galloway

Here's how I honestly think they did.

1. David Aaronovitch
2. George Galloway
3. Sayeeda Warsi
4. Tim Farron
5. Yvette Cooper

I thought the would be Labour leader was a real let down. She floundered in the teeth of attacks by Galloway. On first sight I thought David Aaronovitch had come off worse from his clashes with the odious apologist for dictators, but while Galloway was front footed in how he attacked "former Communist" and "backside licker" it rather came across as hideous name calling.

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rob artisan said...


Hitchens took Galloway apart and right so - seeing Galloway being exposed as a dictator loving hypercrite is one of life's pleasures

Plenty of wonderful clips on You Tube