Saturday, July 03, 2010

Blogger's block? or a busy June?

Looking at my blogging run rate in June, I had my least prolific month for a long time. It doesn't indicate any lack of commitment or a waning of interest, but there are a few good reasons.

1. I'm never particularly short of a opinion on anything. But there are some things that I have a view on that it's not appropriate to sound off about on here. You know what it is.

2. There have been massive developments in subjects my other blog deals with, such as local venture capital and the budget.

3. A time to blog. I blog in the evenings and weekends at home. Never at work. But June was a hectic month, I went to two Insider breakfast events hosted by colleagues, hosted a conference, an awards dinner (with Jimmy Carr), hosted two other Insider breakfast events, did five events for commercial partners of Insider and did two radio programmes for BBC Radio Manchester. I'm not complaining, by the way, it's my life and I embrace it.

4. The World Cup - who wants to sit down on a warm evening and bash out 300 words on the closure of Dan Bank when there's Switzerland v Honduras on ITV?

5. The cricket. Last Sunday was dominated by the cricket at Old Trafford.

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