Thursday, July 29, 2010

A witness to violence, a conclusion of sorts

Back in February I wrote about a horrible violent incident I witnessed. I haven't posted any updates and I didn't even say where I was, but the Lancashire police and the witness care unit in Preston have been first rate with their flow of information. I got a letter today saying thanks and saying the assailant has been given a community service order and a curfew. The offences were: assault by beating, failing to surrender to police, fail to answer to court (he went on the run for a while). They didn't bother awarding compensation to the victim, basically because he's skint and he'd just rob someone to pay a debt he can't service. A sad story in every regard.


George Dearsley said...

So basically this scrote got away with an assault, plus a string of other offences. What a country we live in. I doubt if he'll do much if any of the community service. I'm on holiday in Turkey where - despite all the myths about lack of human rights etc - you never see any such any social behaviour. In 39 years I have never seen a street fight here.

Michael Taylor said...

Yes, that's about the sum of it.