Saturday, July 24, 2010

On not drinking again

Since a rather lush and lager-fuelled afternoon at the England v Australia one day cricket match, I have stayed off the booze. I felt very depressed for a few days after, which only really climbed up to a state of melancholy when my iPhone was replaced. Losing a phone, like losing a pair of glasses (which I also did) is not something a man of my age and responsibility should do. My mental anguish was wholly unaffected by the football result I also witnessed on the day - Germany 4, England 1. But my recollection of watching the game is a misty blur of double vision and mock outrage.

As time has gone on I have met people who saw me that day. Good people who are sensible and moral upstanding pillars of society, local and regional. None have said I disgraced myself. All have confessed they did. It seems it is what cricket is made for - a good old fashioned all day bender. But despite that lifting of a cloak of shame and self pity, I was more desperate that the children not see me in such a sorry state. And, with a frantically busy schedule of work ahead, a sensible midweek period of absence was in order anyway.

This has now continued through a monthful of weekends which have included my sister's 40th, a night at our friends - a return match to a fixture which became very rowdy last year - and summery evenings with not much to get up for the next day. I have to say I have enjoyed myself on all occasions.

But, I have also felt better and sharper as a result. The healthier diet and the fitness training recommended by Steve Hoyles helps, I would suggest. But still my abiding feeling of being off the grog is not to come over as too pious about it.

One of my vices is a love of slightly exotic red wines. Two delicious and tempting bottles of Barolo wink at me from the wine rack. They can wait until our summer holiday - and the wait will be worth it. So too will a bottle of Chateau Musar 1999. But these are treats, something to look forward to and savour and not part of a lingering habit.

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Dan Clough said...

I know exactly what you mean, mate. I've been something of a guzzler for the past few years, but having recently decided to start running and get into some sort of shape, I've been supping less and not missing it all that much! Good look with the PT!