Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now to enjoy the World Cup

England's inevitable and dismal departure was greeted with anger and frustration rather than sadness. This so-called golden generation have proved me right. They are thick. They cannot play to a system capable of winning a tournament. The excuses about the long hard Premier League don't wash - not when you see Tevez, De Jong and van Persie playing with such verve. I don't want to waste another word on them.

We can enjoy the prospect of four cracking quarter finals.

So, how have my predictions gone? I ran all the likely scores into a spreadsheet and kept going. Just to pause at the last 8 I predicted this:

Netherlands 1 2 Brazil
South Africa 1 0 Ghana
Argentina 2 1 Germany
Italy 1 2 Spain

Now, as I was wrong about South Africa having the luck of the hosts, and Italy being even worse than England. I'll have another go.

Netherlands 1 2 Brazil
Uruguay 3 5 Ghana PENS
Argentina 2 1 Germany
Paraguay 1 3 Spain


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