Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boo Roo - how dare you

There isn't much more to add to the stream of comments on the World Cup. My tweets at the end of the game sum up how I still feel about the shocking England circus.
  • Rooney - how dare you criticise people who have travelled so far. You were booed because you let them down
  • Shameful performance by England. Cheating, clueless, sneering.
  • Lampard Gerrard just can't make it work. Both too stubborn and arrogant to adapt
So far I'm out with my predictions on the second games. I'm out with England too, I thought they'd lose to the USA and draw with Algeria. They'll scrape past Slovenia, but they deserve to lose. The golden generation has been hung by the pertard of their arrogance.

The game I have enjoyed watching most was North Korea v Brazil.

I don't like the vuvuzelas. They are a din.

ITV is absolutely dreadful. BBC is far better.

I like Radio 5. Nicky Campbell and Danny Baker are masters. Robbie Savage is ace. But listening to matches on Radio 5 is difficult - the intense, relentless, droning low level hum that gets in your head and ruins the experience of the game. No, not the vuvuzelas: Alan Green.


Vinjay said...

Any idea why Dan Clough has it on "decent authority" that Saurin Shah is unlikely to be successful in a takeover attempt?

You seem to pick up some inside info from time to time just wondering whether he heard this from you? Or whether you have heard the same thing?

Anonymous said...

England's last performance was a great deal better on the radio.