Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sorry Vinjay - Rovers takeover off

A regular poster on the this blog, Vinjay - a Blackburn Rovers fan - is going to be disappointed.

Dan Clough at Rovers Return, and a journalist from the same stable as the Lancashire Telegraph, reports that the takeover by Saurin Shah isn't going to progress. Read this here.

I also spoke to two very well connected Rovers fans today with a close interest in any potential takeover. Their sources and contacts also pointed to the bid being a fishing expedition. The guy doesn't have the money, just an idea.

I'll admit, my alarm bells rang when he did this interview with the Lancashire Telegraph. I must have written about more takeovers than I care to recall. No successful serious entrepreneur does an interview with a local paper at such a stage. But then again, football is different.

This has stiffened the resolve of a number of individuals to get the process going again in a way that was tried in 2008 before the financial world collapsed.


Vinjay said...

Heard negative things about Shah's chances over the past couple of days. Some people on LET comments seemed almost as if they wouldn't want a successful takeover just out of spite towards me.

Despite what some people may think I didn't blindly back Shah 100% but I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt until the full facts become apparent. You even wrote an "open letter" so it wasn't just me who gave him a chance to prove himself. Some people were against him from the start for xenophobic reasons.

I even said I wasn't going to get over excited. With the current owners though there has to be some level of hope and they certainly aren't providing any.

Anyway its still been noted other groups are interested so hopefully something can develop over the next few months. The only thing we can hope for otherwise is perhaps to win a knockout trophy and if that did happen it certainly wouldn't be due to anything useful the current owners have done.

Going to be really exciting wondering how this huge 2.5 million transfer budget will be spent.

Savio said...

Hi Michael,

am new on here shame about the Shah interest being a publicity stunt do you have any idea are the other parties interested in the club likely to follow up their interest inc. the Thai interest? also do you have any idea what prem club Dindane is likely to sign for I know he said he made up his mind thought you might have some inside info.

Vinjay said...

It can't be officially off yet as the LET states Shah was in talks at Brockhall yesterday afternoon.

Michael Taylor said...

I didn't say it was over. I said it was unlikely to complete. But there is a long way to go.

Vinjay said...

Yes you did (as the headline clearly states) at least as far as Shah is concerned. You obviously trust your source as does Dan Clough but maybe the people giving you info have also been mislead.

There are people spreading negative propaganda about Shah maybe people at the club who are worried about their jobs in the event of a takeover.

The LET of course is still questioning Shah's finances (quite rightly at this stage) but Rothschild and the Walkers wouldn't be wasting their time surely if they felt Shah has nothing to offer. Especially when others are interested.

Michael Taylor said...

Wait and see.