Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TV drama at its best

There is a worthy stab at a top 50 TV dramas list in the paper today, here.

Most of my favourites are on it: The Wire (14), State of Play (9), Our Friends in the North (3), Twin Peaks (12) and The Sopranos (1).

And here are some that weren't, but should have been:

One Summer (Channel 4, 1983)
Johnny Jarvis (BBC, 1984)
Between the Lines (BBC, 1994)
Holding On (BBC, 1997)
Cold Feet (Granada, late 1990s)
Spooks (BBC, 2002-present)
NYPD Blue (Fox, 1994)
ER (ABC, 1994)

Anyway, it's only telly, eh?

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