Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get a job you like!

Given how many children we have it's not uncommon for us to ferry one or more of our clan to a birthday party of one of their pals on any given weekend. We've been to football parties, fun palaces (the worst), bowling, cinema, swimming, go-karts, gymnastics, discos in church halls, old fashioned 'at homes' and even a horse riding party for a 6 year old (surprisingly fun, despite my deep loathing of horsey people).

This is not going to be a blog about pushy parents and competitive parties - I don't pick up much of that round here. But I'm more often than not shocked at the lack of generosity of spirit from those in the business of running special days for kids.

Fun palace staff are the worst. Miserable buggers, all of them. Get a job you like!

Then today Rachel witnessed a proper dust up between a parent and the Go-Kart man at a party. We've hired this same bloke for Matt's 6th and he was good, the exception to my emerging rule. But then we only had six kids at our party to share the 4 Go-Karts. Today there were 18 - so some organisation had to go into who could race and when. One kid forfeited his race because he needed a wee. Cue Mum going off on one, with some justification.

For the climax the birthday boy had to pick 8 mates for the run off. Stressful enough for a 6 year old, but more so when the bloke said under his breath - "get a move on, I haven't got all day".

If it was a scene out of Phoenix Nights you would scoff that it was unbelievable.

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