Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow patrol

So, Marple featured on BBC News 24 quite a lot, so the nation could see the brave citizens panic buying milk and amusing their children.

According to an official document from Stockport MBC, here, we live in priority route 8, which includes most of Marple's other roads. The main roads from Offerton, up through Stockport Road, then up Station Road and over Brabyns Brow are on priority route 4, which should get grit first. The rest can just struggle along, it would appear.

It really has been fruitless with the volume of snow. It is almost not worth salting and gritting. The only way to clear snow is to shovel it.

My point I failed to make yesterday, but which occured today was how the weather bulletin focuses so heavily on roads. And yet, the trains were running fine. Clearly so many people just don't even factor in a train journey as an option unless there is extreme circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

Good point about the trains. It's amazing to see those that are using trains to replace their car remark how pleasant their commute has been on the news channels. If thats the case, why not just use the train all the time?