Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snow business

The snow has truly brought out the spirit of the blitz in us Brits. Well, not really, the kids have enjoyed not going to school and it's probably delayed a few people from getting back into the work groove after a lengthy Christmas break.

One thought occured to me this morning on Rose Hill station. There must have been 100 people waiting as the 08:15 was ready to leave at 08:30, a massive increase. Normally these are people who sit in their cars in traffic, but as the roads out of Marple were impassable they joined us. “I’m going to try and catch (this rather primitive thing called) a train.”

Northern Rail get a load of stick, some justified. Their trains are often dirty and draughty, especially the 142 trains. My heart hangs a little heavier when I see one of these buses on rails arrive. Their communication is poor, their website a joke.

But, they've done a good job today. I just hope they can keep it together tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We really are a bit rubbish in this country ,aren't we? 16 years ago, I had the privelige of serving in Bosnia. War-torn, third world Bosnia. There were huge snow drifts and 'white out' driving conditions. But the country still functioned. OK that might have meant some ethnic cleansing and the random laying of land mines. But it also meant some wonderful people going about their everyday lives, working in schools and nurseries, opening their cafes, bars and market stalls. Talk about courage and defiance in the face of adversity!

We really needs to get back to basics.

Michael Taylor said...

Yes, frankly we are. How difficult can it be. My Dad, 65, lumping milk crates up Moorlands this morning and some soft wimps belly aching about having to walk a mile to a train station.