Thursday, January 21, 2010

On with the old, and in with the new

Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton are playing together again, according to the NME, but there's no chance of a reunion. Drummer Rick Buckler left From The Jam last year, which always had a hollow feel without Weller. I enjoyed seeing them the once, but enough already.

On other musical news I tried some of the tips I got from Marple Leaf readers. Piccadilly Records top band of 2009 The Phantom Band, were, I concluded, nothing special. One of their other high fliers however - The Xx - are much better. Bold tunes and lots of atmosphere.

I've also downloaded a few tracks by Delphic. I'm hugely delighted that they are 3 lads from Marple Bridge and were placed third in the BBC’s Sound of 2010 list.

And though I defended the Twang from abuse I did laugh out loud at the new podcast. Steve Lamacq was asked who he has seen who didn't make it and deserved to, and who made it who was rubbish. The Twang were in the last category: "I was told to expect Mike Skinner fronting Oasis and got Frank Skinner fronting Flowered Up." Link to more here.


martini said...

An article in this week's Stockport Times by Matt Davis praising Delphic's chart success claims that Morrissey and Marr wrote This Charming Man in a flat behind the Norfolk Arms in Marple Bridge. Any info on this?

Michael Taylor said...

Thanks Martini.

I know no more than that. Matt is a good journalist, he wouldn't make that up, nice story!