Sunday, January 24, 2010

Talking about Blackburn Rovers

Had a good laugh on Saturday taking part in a Blackburn Rovers podcast with a couple of enterprising chaps - Stuart Grimshaw and Jon Hindle. We did it over Skype, which in itself was a new experience for me. I suspect this has effected the quality of my contribution. The link is here.

I've also found a Rovers blog - Rovers Return - from a lad called Dan Clough. Permanent link is opposite too.

It's all intelligent stuff. If you want moronic nonsense, there's the Lancashire Telegraph messageboard.


Vinjay said...

From your post on January 16th you state your worst nightmare is a foreign takeover. As if there's never been any bad English owners in the past...

The chances of getting a bad foreign owner are just the same as getting a bad English one.

The only nightmare I have is that the current owners will still be in charge at the end of the year.

Michael Taylor said...

No, it's not my worst nightmare, just one of the nightmares I've been having. And believe you me, I think I made my point about "English" owners at Preston, Bolton and Burnley hardly being exemplar.