Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nice surprises

I've had a few nice surprises this week.

Went to Manchester City on Monday night as guests of, er, Manchester City. Although the football (from Rovers) was awful, the food was good, it was great to catch up with friends and our lovely comfy seats were warmed.

We've found a new babysitter.

Lunched at the Panoramic restaurant in Liverpool on Tuesday with some interesting people. The view across Liverpool was amazing, the food was terrific, but these gourmet lunches don't really fill you do they?

Met the newly born daughter of my friend Lisa. What a bonny baby.

On Thursday night I left my mobile phone on the roof of my car. I turned out of Bloom Street, into Minshull Street and was about to turn left onto Aytoun Street when a couple tapped on my window and handed it to me. It's a sign of the regeneration of the area that they didn't rob it. But isn't that lovely?

At Rovers on Thursday I arrived a bit late due to heavy traffic. My seat in the Jack Walker Upper was in the middle of a row which would have required several well-upholstered men to stand and make way. The steward shrugged his shoulders and pointed my way to the posh comfy seats.

Although this blog is resolutely not about work, I can report we had a phenomenally brilliant breakfast event on Friday morning to launch a next generation fibre network in Manchester. It was wonderful to be there at the start of something very special.

And on Friday a design agency called Music sent me a book. It is really quite breathtaking. Like opening a box of sweets with all your favourites in and not quite knowing where to look next. Extraordinary.

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