Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thoughts on the new Rovers owners

I've had a chance to sit down and compose a few thoughts on the takeover at Blackburn Rovers. Rather than repeat myself, here is what I wrote on the Insider blog.

In summary, the whole deal is so much less about what Venky's can do for Rovers, and more about what Rovers can do for an ambitious Indian business keen to be talked about in the upper echelons of international business.

As a fan, rather than as a journalist, you have to remain optimistic that the primary concern should lead to a responsible and sustainable stewardship. Nothing more.

As for the idea to rename Ewood Park? I'm dead against it. Bad move on every level. No club has EVER renamed their ground. They may have moved to new grounds, like the Britannia, the Reebok and the Emirates. I cannot think of a traditional stadium that has been renamed. The name change from the JJB to the DW doesn't count. There's this here.

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Oscar said...

As a Rovers fan myself, I sincerely hope that Venky's will be beneficial for the club in the long term.

Renaming Ewood Park is absolute sacriledge. I totally agree with you that it's bad on every level. Our ground has been there for well over a century and has always been Ewood Park then.

Also, I sincerely hope that Venky's preserve Jack Walker's legacy.