Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some good telly

By jove there's some good telly kicking around at the moment.

First of all, there's this tourist video made by Michael Winterbottom for the NWDA called The Trip. From what I've seen so far it's Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan doing impressions and just talking and then taking in some incredible scenery. I'm curious as to whether this can sustain itself, but I rather suspect it can.

Second, the new Jimmy McGovern series The Accused got off to a barnstorming start with a mesmerising morality tale starring Christopher Eccleston. There was little love and no humour, which felt wrong, but it made for a greater impact.

Thirdly, I probably would have enjoyed Any Human Heart on Channel 4 much more if hadn't been on Channel 4. Sorry, but I was tired, it was a late night and the adverts just made it drag on. The next one I will watch on the V+ recorder and skip the ads. Thanks for new technology even an idiot like me can work. That aside it was clever, funny, observant and expansive. Brideshead meets Our Friends in the North. Epic.

Finally, I really, really enjoy Match of the Day 2 on Sunday nights. Obviously I really enjoyed this week because Rovers' win over Aston Villa was on (last, of course, last out of two, but still last). The presenter and pundits are SO much better than the smug old farts on Saturday's version.

I insulate myself from cooking programmes, reality TV, Pop Factor, Jungle Fever and all of that utter, utter crap. Life is too short, it really is.

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