Friday, November 19, 2010

A new era for Blackburn Rovers

So, we have new owners now. And the Rao family now has a unique chance to make Blackburn Rovers a sustainable and successful club. I've had my reservations, but it's time to welcome the new owners and give them all the help and understanding they'll need to make it a success.

The outgoing Walker Trustees seem to think they've found good owners. Paul Egerton-Vernon, chairman, said: "We are very pleased to be passing on the Rovers to the Rao family. We have been impressed with their enthusiasm for the Club and their plans and ideas for developing it further. We are particularly pleased that the Club will continue in family ownership and that the existing management team at the Rovers led by John Williams will continue unchanged. We would like to express our gratitude and admiration for the great job John and his team have done for the Club whilst it has been part of the Trust."

Anuradha J Desai, the Chairperson of Venky’s, said: “We are delighted, proud and humbled to be associated with Blackburn Rovers, a team with whom we share many values and ambitions. Going forward we plan to focus on leveraging the global influence in establishing Blackburn Rovers as a truly global brand. We absolutely respect the Jack Walker legacy and will be actively supporting the organisation to ensure that Blackburn Rovers remains one of the best run clubs within the Premier League.”


Vinjay said...

Hurrah! Liberation at last! A great weight lifted off my shoulders today after 7 long years of waiting.

George Dearsley said...

Bol-Ewood Park