Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cafe Culture in Marple - love it

There's been a bit of competition in the foodie scene in Marple. I would hazard a guess it isn't anything like as acrimonious as the store wars in Rose Hill.

Toast deli has opened a new shop on the corner of Derby Way, just along from All Things Nice, itself a recent opening. Both are run by lovely passionate people who want to serve new and interesting food. I've been enjoying some bacon butty banter with the owner on Twitter and he's taken up a suggestion to punt his wares on a daily basis on the social networking site.

I do love All Things Nice. The owner, who also runs an outside catering business, The Travelling Gourmet very kindly shares recipes and tips. There's a lovely buzz in the cafe and the deli whenever I go in, which is too infrequently.

Also good news is that Toast has turned the Market Street shop, which was always too pokey for my liking, into a lovely, moody wine emporium. The staff also seem to know what they're talking about. I enjoyed  a aromatic Barolo 1994 from there last week. They also stock the wine that defied the infidels - Chateau Musar, from Lebanon. Beautiful.

One casualty appears to be that Deli Select on Hollins Lane has closed. Does anyone know what has happened here?

PS - Update 4/11/2010 -  The guy at Deli Select is in business with the guy at Toast.


Anonymous said...

Nick Lindley from Deli Select is now my business partner at Toast. So the products Nick stocked at Deli Select are still available from Toast, plus many others.

Toast Deli

Michael Walters said...

Hard to believe now, but when we were first house-hunting in Marple 15 years ago, it was almost impossible to find anywhere even to get a cup of tea on a Saturday afternoon. Toast and All Things Nice are both remarkably good - I hope they manage to co-exist successfully. And the new Toast wine/beer shop is superb - a great selection and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. And anywhere that stocks the marvellous Chateau Musar is fine by me.