Thursday, November 04, 2010

Some cool stuff

Look at this - Makeamixa - make a mix tape, just the like old days - but with a modern digital twist. From those wonderful people at Magnetic North in Manchester.

My pal Charlotte Bacci has opened a wool shop in Manchester. Check out Purl City Yarns.

Don Draper says "what" a lot. Hat tip: The Word

Some lush winter knitwear from Albam Clothing. Toasty. They sell a few Albam pieces in Oi Polloi on Tib Street.

New wool Wier Hats from the Casual Connoisseur.

Roger Cashman's spirited defence of Rosso.

Tomorrow's World introduces the possibility of the world's first mobile phone in 1978. (Hat tip: The Word)

Some pics and stuff from a day trip to Lancaster by Red Bricks and Coal.

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