Monday, May 10, 2010

Time for the Tories to align with the Liberals

Another amazing day in Westminster. The Liberal Democrats are the only party with the certainty that they will be in some kind of government. And they came third!

Labour have a moment. Step away, let the Tory-Lib government do its worst and wait. This has been the election no-one wants to win. It's brinkmanship politics. It's what John Reid has argued today.

But the Tories have their opportunity too, re-align to their liberal tendencies and offer a seat at the table to Nick Clegg.

But surely all of this proves the difficulty of electoral reform - and the need for coalitions. BBC and Sky News need to understand that such important decisions don't get made in time for the next news bulletin.

And for the Liberal Democrats they are balancing their fragmented internal factions - including that represented by our MP Andrew Stunell on the top team - what it leaves us asking is this: who's going to clear up the litter on the canal towpath now, Andrew?

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