Sunday, May 09, 2010

My football predictions - how did I do?

At the start of the football season I made my predictions, here.

1 Chelsea (CORRECT!)
2 Liverpool (WAY OFF)
3 Manchester United (JUST OFF)
4 Manchester City (JUST OFF)

5 Tottenham (JUST OFF)
6 Arsenal (WAY OFF REALLY)
7 Aston Villa (SPOT ON)
8 Everton (SPOT ON)

So I got the top 8 correct, with Liverpool as the worst prediction of the lot.

10 Fulham (JUST OFF)
12 Wigan (JUST OFF)
13 Stoke (JUST OFF)
14 Bolton (JUST OFF)
15 West Ham (JUST OFF)
16 Portsmouth (OVERESTIMATED)
19 Hull (SPOT ON)

League Cup: Manchester United reserves (SPOT ON)
FA Cup: Liverpool (RUBBISH)
Champions League: Real Madrid (RUBBISH)
Scotland: Do you know what? I couldn't care less. (WHO DID WIN? FORGOTTEN ALREADY)

Nothing particularly controversial there. I did also say, correctly that from Rovers downwards it was all going to be pretty grim stuff. It was. I thought Gary Megson could be the first manager to get sacked, but he was actually the second. I thought we'd lose at Turf Moor but win at Ewood and was very very happy to be wrong about that. If, and it's a mad if, but if Owen Coyle had stayed at Burnley then I think they could have beaten us and they could have stayed up.

Elsewhere, nearly right with the tip for West Brom to win Championship, but woeful with any notion that Ipswich and Derby would come up with them. My prediction of Newcastle to be nowhere was almost as bad as the one that had Blackpool to go down. PNE were comfortable mid table, but it was a grim season for them in truth.

I thought Huddersfield and Charlton would go up, one still might through the play offs. But Dirty Leeds haven't stayed down, they're coming back. As yet undiscovered tribes in the heart of Peru could have tipped Stockport County to go down.

I was right about Notts County coming up, but not with Shrewsbury and Rotherham. And I had it spot on with Morecambe in the play offs. Glad my predicted farewell to Accy Stanley was unfounded.

In the Guardian Pick the Score I made 288, which could win me the work league, but the numbers aren't in yet!

It's enough to make me want to take up gambling

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