Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My mate.... Simon Danzcuk #6 in a series

A completely random shuffle of my address book for my completely random profile on someone I know and how I know them, comes up today with... Simon Danczuk, the managing director of Vision 21, a market research business in Manchester. He is better known this week as the Labour Party candidate for Rochdale and was stood with Gordon Brown when Gillian Duffy gave the PM a piece of her mind and provoked that mean spirited description of her as a "sort of bigoted woman".

Simon is a Labour traditionalist and a really good bloke. I first met him after he'd set up Vision 21 with Ruth Turner, who now works with Tony Blair. He's made efforts to stay in touch over the years and we share a lunch and a phone call every now and again. I wish him well in his campaign.

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