Saturday, May 01, 2010

Links for Mayday

A rather silly song about Stockport, here.

Great speeches of all time, very American, here.

A wonderful Rovers memory, courtesy of Simon Garner. Bury away 1980.

John Squire does Penguin Books. Superb.

What really happened when Keith Andrews chucked a water bottle at a fan, full transcript is here.

Glasgow Rangers fans don't want the "hassle" of going to Boston. I'm sure Boston isn't too keen on rivers of piss.

John Stewart mocks the UK election.

Then there's this from here:

Michael O'Leary walks into a Dublin pub and asks for a pint of Guinness. 'That will be one Euro' says the barman. 'That's a very reasonable price' he says handing over the money.
'Now will you be wanting a glass with your drink Mr O'Leary?'

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