Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You're Entitled to An Opinion - David Nolan's Tony Wilson book

For a man who has had a film made of his life and who spent so much time in the media, there are few accounts of Tony Wilson that really do him justice. This one does. Partly because even in the title it acknowledges there were so many intruiging sides to this unique and very special individual, who I personally still think about often. David Nolan's final chapter sees the author step in with his own personal recollections and in so doing brings back the raw sense of loss of August 2007. It inspired feelings of amusement, anger, frustration and pride - all at the same time, much like time spent around the great man himself. Much of it seems to be correcting the slapstick version of Wilson's life that was represented in the film 24 Hour Party People, but knowing quite when to stop was probably Nolan's biggest challenge; afterall, doesn't everyone have a Wilson anecdote? Lovely contributions from Yvette Livesey and many other forgotten friends from Granada. Some nice bits on Marple too; Tony went to St Mary's and the author still lives here.

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